Artist's Statement

My sculptures are a passionate challenge for me as the creator and you as the viewer. My intention is to create an object of beauty that will stimulate a dialogue about the thematic issues addressed in each piece. The language of my art is duality, angst, breadth and truth. The medium of my art is clay and bronze.

Many years ago I left a successful corporate career because the people I worked for were not capable mentors. Learning is a lifelong endeavor; having a mentor improves the process and extends your life. There was a time when one mentor was adequate, but with today's expanding knowledge base, we need more than one.

Nature creates, man tinkers. Scale and power are qualities of nature that stretch our ability to comprehend. I learned a lot about life, about being a warrior and a peacemaker by spending time alone in fields and woods. Nature is my mentor. She is harder to find these days.

My most recent series is an exploration of the tension between man and nature. Technology has its place. It is my opinion that technology's position will improve when it recognizes nature as its mentor. Each sculpture in this series encompasses a narrative arc, intended to fascinate and challenge, and finally to compel the viewer to question reality as it stands. My sculptures, though at first beautiful, are intended to be much more. Look again. Creation comes from chaos. There is the dynamism of chaotic change and the sensuality of the physical in my work.

My new work is an organic expansion of a previous series of portraiture. Connection - with nature, with each other - is important to me. My inspiration in the past has been through collaboration with my subjects. The emphasis of each sculpture was to capture the essence of the person represented. This was accomplished through various elements including the title, the written narrative that accompanies each piece, and most importantly, the symbolic details of the sculpture itself.

I sculpt both men and women, quarter to three-quarter-life size, often nude. The nudity provides a timeless quality to each piece, as well as emphasizing our connection to nature.

I identify myself by my first name alone as a way of relating to the world in a personal way. I believe that we are able to identify ourselves individually against the greater scope of humanity. I reach out and seek connection through my sculptures.

Man and the Environment

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La Ria













Prior Work


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Free Spirit

Joseph's limited edition bronze sculptures, with edition numbers ranging from 6 to 150, are available for purchase from Landscape Designers, Galleries and at Art Festivals. Please see our Exhibits page or call for a location near you.

New creations are available at special discount prior to casting.

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